Looking to launch a record label?

Richard has..........run his own record companies (Rouska, Jerusalem) and released numerous releases globally.


Record, manufacture and promote your own music?

Richard has..........written and recorded his own music (WMTID), published and produced other musicians work.


Thinking of starting a fanzine, magazine or book?

Richard has..........produced numerous of his own titles: Rouska, Panic, The Elmet, Labour Rose, 1977cc titles, Black, Flame, New Stylist) plus published for others.


Need help with effective ways to communicate? (e.g. preparing text for an advert, blog, web, flyer etc..)

Richard has..........a Level 5 English qualification plus a degree in teaching and training. Previously owner of KT International PR company working for Britvic, Tom Robinson, Dawn Stretton, Cherry Red and many more.

Also Head of Marketing at Leeds City Varieties.


Starting your own business?

Richard has..........set up numerous businesses from record companies and magazines to marketing, merchandise, music publishing, band management companies, promoting numerous gigs and stage managing festivals.


Are YOU uncertain how to proceed?



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